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[Bryn Anderson: Designer]

Bryn Anderson - Designer

Bryn Anderson is used to solving problems well before they present themselves. As a designer with Oswald Homes he has that sharp eye for detail that can quickly identify issues and overcome obstacles.

“I have a background in commercial drafting so have always been used to working with detail,” Bryn says. “I think that attention to detail really helps in achieving top-quality residential design and pre-empting any issues before they crop up.”

Custom design

After working on projects such as Benny’s Bar + Café in Fremantle and Metro City in Perth, Bryn joined Oswald Homes nine years ago and soon moved effortlessly from drafting to designing luxury custom homes.

“I love designing with weatherboards and stone,” he says. “I really like the Hamptons style, but giving it a Western Australian twist with bigger verandas for example.”

Building by the beach

Living on the coast, Bryn knows all too well the factors that come into play when building by the beach and always pays close attention to orientation, climate and the local environment.

“It makes such a big difference to the comfort of a house,” he says. “A luxury home has also got to have functionality. It’s got to give the client what they want. There’s no point doing a cutting-edge design if the house doesn’t work the way the clients want it to.”



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