[Matthew Heale: Focus on custom homes]

Luxury custom homes are Matthew Heale’s forte.  Ask him about Perth’s hot new land opportunities, demolish and build projects, or the perfect house and land match, and he’s in his element.

The CBC Fremantle ‘Old Boy’, who has spent almost 10 years in Perth’s custom homes market, says he realised at an early age that he wanted to work in the design and construction industry – just not on the tools as it turned out.

“After a short stint doing manual labour during my teens, it was clear my hands were better suited to sending faxes than laying bricks,” he laughs.

“And it soon became apparent that it wasn’t just the building industry I was attracted to, it was the custom homes market in particular. Seeing someone’s ideas take shape and then see the home come together on site is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job.”

Global inspiration

It’s not just industry experience that Matthew brings to his role as a design consultant with Oswald Homes. With three years of global travel and adventure in his 20s behind him, he’s absorbed plenty of design inspiration and seen more than his fair share of amazing properties. (Just ask him about the resort he built in Costa Rica.) He also knows there’s more than one way to achieve a design goal.

“There is definitely always more than one way of doing things,” Matthew says. “Interpreting a client’s brief and exceeding expectations is something I believe the Oswald team and I excel at. Spending time thinking during the design process about how our clients will live in their new home is paramount to the success of each of our projects.

“I think it’s pretty special to be able to work together to produce an individual home for someone. It’s great meeting the people who are visiting an Oswald display home, getting to chat with them and discuss the ideas behind our designs. Without our clients’ drive and desire to create something special we wouldn’t have all the amazing homes that Oswald is renown for.”

Custom homes clients near and far

Matthew has proved he’s also more than happy to go the extra mile for his clients – literally.

“I several years ago I worked with a farming couple planning to retire from the Wheatbelt back to Cottesloe. They were right in the middle of harvest when the plans for their new home were ready so they couldn’t make it to Perth for a meeting. Instead of just emailing the plans to them, I drove the five hours to see them, presented the drawings to them and then drove the five hours back home,” Matthew says.

“My presentation to them may only have taken five minutes, but those five minutes proved invaluable as I was able to ‘walk’ them through the design and they could ask any immediate questions there and then.”

When he’s not helping clients, you’ll usually find Matthew spending time with his young family, playing golf or tennis, getting out on his bike or enjoying being in, on or near the water.



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