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The Wright Stuff

Reinterpreting tradition in a fresh way, this home intelligently works in harmony with the steep slope of it's Nedlands site. Read the full article here. Read more »

Design trends for 2018

Our Principal Designer Brook Leber shares his insights on design trends for 2018 with The West New Homes, predicting coastal plantation style to be an emerging trend for the year. Read more »

Asian influence creates tranquillity

Oswald designer Brook Leber shares his insights into the design of this resort-style home and how The Langkawi captures the serene nature of its tropical namesake with The Weekend West, New Homes magazine. Read more »

So long, Long Island

After having its doors open to the public for over three years and winning the hearts of many homewoners, the Long Island home will be closing its doors for the last time later this month Read more »

hamptons luxe style

Oswald designers share their insights into a design style they call 'Hamptons luxe' and custom home building with the Sunday Times HOME Magazine. Read more »

Hamptons meets French Provincial

Danielle Ellery, our Interior Designer, shares her insights into popular design styles, Hamptons and French Provincial with the Sunday Times HOME Magazine.   Read more »

Putting Industrial Style to Work

Brook Leber, our Principal Designer, shared his insights into the industrial style with the Sunday Times HOME magazine. Read more »

Forever home

This Hamptons-style ‘forever' home in Applecross was definitely ready for its cover shot.   Read more »

Hamptons Soft Chic

Gracing the cover of the HOME magazine, our Long Island display was declared “the height of Hamptons-inspired finesse”.   Read more »

Hamptons-inspired Style Tailored for Perth

Oswald has long been a champion of the Hamptons style, so who better than our Principal Designer Brook Leber to offer the inside track on the design details. Read more »




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