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Resort-Style Living

Taking design inspiration from resort style luxury hotels throughout Asia, the Langkawi is Oswald Home’s latest showcase, now open to view in Floreat. Read more »

Hamptons home case study: Dalkeith

Entertaining, music and a healthy lifestyle were just part of the brief when we were asked to design and build this Hamptons home in Dalkeith. Read more »

hamptons luxe style

Oswald designers share their insights into a design style they call 'Hamptons luxe' and custom home building with the Sunday Times HOME Magazine. Read more »

Hamptons meets French Provincial

Danielle Ellery, our Interior Designer, shares her insights into popular design styles, Hamptons and French Provincial with the Sunday Times HOME Magazine.   Read more »
hamptons style homes

Hamptons-style homes: Why it’s true love

From humble beginnings to sophisticated luxury, we take you back to the 1600s to discover the origins of the Hamptons-style homes we love today. Read more »
Tribeca style

Tribeca style: Homes turned inside out

No need to jet off to New York to discover Tribeca style. We investigate the origins of the super-cool look that has influenced our Industrial design style. Read more »
French Provincial style

French Provincial style: Why we love it

We’ve turned the spotlight on the French Provincial style, discovering the influences behind this elegantly rustic look. Read more »

Georgian homes: Still a royal favourite

We delve into the history books to discover the influences behind the Georgian era and discover why this grand housing style has made its mark in Perth. Read more »

Contemporary home designs: Defying time

Contemporary home designs may be ‘of the moment’, but did you know they can also defy time? Here’s why there’s more to this popular style than meets the eye. Read more »
5 reasons to love the Boho Beach House

5 reasons to love the Boho Beach House

From cushions and colour, to light, space and volume, discover why we love the Boho Beach House style. Read more »




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