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The Odyssea, City Beach Display Home - Oswald Homes
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Coming to City Beach in Autumn, 2021.

This custom-designed display home was born for the beach loving family. Designed to highlight the connection between the simple forms and function of a beachside cottage and the understated simplicity and elegance of the Scandinavian style which seeks to express the beauty of nature in its raw forms. Make no mistake, simplicity does not always lack sophistication. Clean lines and flawless craftsmanship bring the sophistication. The "core " feature of this home is its gabled roof spine drawing light into the heart of the home and channeling it throughout - from the front verandah to the rear alfresco. Wherever possible materials have been used to express their natural raw form colour and texture, including the polished concrete walls and floors. The home is raised lightly off the ground to reinforce the sense of floating on water. Come on in. The Odyssea is good.

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