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Oswald Homes display homes Whitsunday outdoor courtyard

Courtyards echoing European elegance

There is a definitive art to transferring provincial style to an outdoor area and courtyard design, instilling and evoking the luxuries of Europe into your own backyard.

From intrinsically infusing a home’s outdoor space with limestone and lighting features, to a courtyard adorned with lush greenery and regal charm, there are a few surefire ways homeowners can create a private oasis straight from Europe.


Oswald Homes Past Display Home Whitsunday outdoor courtyard


“Timeless, elegant and refined are the words which spring to mind when I consider the appeal of European style and design in homes,” Oswald Homes Designer Franco Ranallo said.

“There is also the attraction to the simple, yet effective, aesthetic often achieved with repetition and sheer size – albeit draped in a high level of detail.”

According to Mr Ranallo, the first step to creating a European courtyard is to determine the design which would best complement the home. “It’s important for homeowners to consider the style of the home early to best connect and speak to the courtyard itself,” he said.

“The key ingredient to successfully creating a European courtyard is to design accordingly.

“Consider the orientation of your backyard and try to work with its strengths in terms of the space itself.

“If it’s a small footprint, consider using the vertical dimension to gain volume in height.”


Oswald Homes display homes Whitsunday outdoor courtyard


Mr Ranallo said when executed systematically and with some carefully considered design, the European-esque backyard could be exquisite and rather indulgent.

“If we think about lots of lush green landscaping mixed in with the likes of some trees, vines, exposed timber beams, a mixture of materials and different textures on the pavement and walls, the results can be stunning,” he said, adding that engaging a qualified landscape designer can help to bring your European vision to life with ease.

“It not only provides for a beautiful aesthetic but selecting the best options will also assist in minimising ongoing maintenance.

“The time and money invested into the design and implementation of the European-style courtyard, would pay off in dividends for the life of the home.”


Oswald Homes display home Whitsunday outdoor alfresco


From daytime charm, to illuminating the night, the intimate outdoor courtyard should also be decorated accordingly.

Wrought iron furniture, stately stone, fairy lights and fireplaces make for popular inclusions, with thoughtfully selected features enhancing the space with the European aesthetic.

Whether it’s a zone for outdoor dining, intimate gatherings, entertaining or individual escapism, these unparalleled courtyards provide seclusion from the world and transport you to the picturesque continent.


Oswald Homes display home Whitsunday front facade


Source: The West Australian New Homes lift out
Journalist: Kaylee Cranley

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