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The style de jour of the 1920s and 1930s, Art Deco is right at home in many of Perth’s established suburbs, with today’s interpretation bringing a sense of old-school glamour to the modern home. Largely monochrome with curves and geometric shapes doing much of the talking, this style often appeals to those who love streamlined design and a pared-back aesthetic. But rest assured, there’s always scope to make it individual, adding personality and a sense of fun with art, textiles and colour.

Art Deco – What is it?  

Art Deco is old-school glamour. It is a style with character and dripping in opulence. If you have seen The Great Gatsby, you know what we mean. Perth is home to some classic Art Deco architecture. Iconic buildings like the Cygnet Cinema in Como, Raffles Hotel in Applecross and Luna Cinema in Leederville slots seamlessly into our Perth streetscape, especially in established suburbs or coastal locations. Art Deco design is when modern opulence meets kitsch, with no expenses spared. If you want to feel like the main character, this style is for you. 

Art Deco design is electric, decadent and classy. It easily identifiable with the use of deep rich colours, bold geometric shapes and tonnes of detail. If you aren’t head over heels for the full Art Deco experience, you can still achieve the look by focusing on key design details and taking a refined approach.   

The Origins of Art Deco 

Short for Arts Décoratifs, Art Deco was born in Paris in the mid-1920s. It was a post-war world where avant-garde architecture combined with a pop culture edge. Art Deco architecture influenced more than buildings, it was a monumental shift in the design of furniture, fashion and jewellery. It even inspired the restructuring of automobiles, trains, boats, radios and even vacuum cleaners to fit the exuberant life of the roaring 20s. 

How does Oswald Homes adopt the Art Deco Design? 

We believe Art Deco should nod to the past but not look dated. It’s a chance to let the fun and eccentric features do the heavy lifting in your home design and streamline the room around it. On an Art Deco home, rooves are hidden away, and the structural streamlines are achieved by repeating horizontal lines against large, sometimes porthole windows. Anyone else reminded of luxury ocean liners? Something about the expert craftsmanship, smooth finishes, and exotic touch. It exudes wealth, class and sophistication.  

Whilst the Art Deco house design might be bold and minimal on the outside, inside is the chance to add many glamorous touches.  

Geometric wallpaper, triangles, lines and curves contrast against the simplicity of white rendered walls. In modern takes on Art Deco, animal prints are incorporated from everything from cushions, couches and carpets. Even when including leopard print flooring, maintaining proportions and balance is everything. If geometric patterns aren’t your fancy, incorporate the quintessential Mid-Century shapes through plush scalloped armchairs and glass tables with gold legs. Curved or dark framed mirrors are a must, how do you think everyone looked so fabulous in the roaring 20s? 

If the over the top glamour isn’t your fancy, a milder approach to Art Deco design is simple to achieve. With a more monochromatic colour scheme, the focus can be on the craftsmanship. Without all the frills, Art Deco relies on symmetry, layered shapes and curves. Find a few key furniture or art pieces to do the talking and style with pops of dark colours and metallic finishes to achieve the Art Deco look.   

An Art Deco home is primarily for hosting, with open living spaces flowing, allowing you to flow through to the alfresco, champaign in hand. Colour pops in soft furnishings, artwork and sculptures. A range of colour palettes can suit the interior of any Art Deco home, from bold and extravagant to mild and sophisticated. But just one thing is for certain - they must feel elegant at all times.  

Has our break down of the glamourous Art Deco design already got you planning your first cocktail evening? Let’s drink to that!   



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