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Casual, comfortable and happily unpretentious, a Coastal Plantation design combines the grace of old Colonial plantation homes with the laidback allure of luxurious hideaways in Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Timeless and enduring, it’s a style that many Western Australians feel right at home with. Key living spaces in these coastal-style homes are open-plan, free flowing and family-friendly, while deep eave overhangs provide welcome shade to help keep interiors cool and comfortable.

Love coastal home design? Then Coastal Plantation is sure to win you over. Inspired by a luxury getaway with added casual charm. The term "barefoot luxury" sums it up perfectly. It's classic, stylish, yet prioritises relaxation above all else. So, you can take your shoes off sit back and relax.  

Although Coastal Plantation home design is luxurious, it's never pretentious. Complementing many lifestyles, from young families to retired couples, anyone who loves the coastal look can picture this design in their forever home.   

Never heard of Coastal Plantation Home Design?  

Whilst you mightn’t have heard the term, you have most likely seen its influence in homes around Perth. The Coastal Plantation home design draws inspiration from the timeless homes of the British, French and Dutch colonial plantations in the 17th and 18th centuries. Its charm and grace continues to be hugely popular in home design as it adapts through designer's interpretations over the years. It’s charm certainly got us hooked, and we think you will fall in love with it too. 

We've told you all about it, but what is Coastal Design? 

A Plantation Beach House combines the grace of old Colonial plantation homes with the laidback allure of luxurious hideaways in Hawaii and the Caribbean. 

Coastal Plantation home design doesn't need shells everywhere to give the beachside vibe. It is conveyed effortlessly through the incorporation of materials, design layout and finishing touches. It's relaxed coastal with added elegance. It's simple and sophisticated with a charm that you feel at home as soon as you step through the front door.  

The tell-tale features of Coastal Plantation Home Design?  

Coastal home design is white-washed walls with iconic window shutters or timber window frames. Think crisp contrasts like white on wood, nothing too flashy leaving you with an overwhelming feeling of relaxation. This is aided by the free-flowing and open floor plan designed to let the summer air breeze on through. An essential key feature of Coastal Home design is a large entryway to welcome you in.  Perfected with high ceilings, exposed beams and plenty of natural light.  

Deep wrap-around verandas or expansive balconies are a necessity to enjoy the balmy summers nights. Can you think of a better place to put your feet up and pour another wine? The Coastal Plantation Home Design should make you feel as if you're permanently on holiday. Bringing back memories of beachside vacations in a tropical paradise.  

Our Guide to Coastal Plantation Design  

Simple detailing is reflected in uncomplicated moldings and corbelling, accompanied by timber friezes and balustrading.  

Splashes of foliage are quintessential to the coastal home design, and outdoor spaces should be as equally livable as indoor living areas. Potted palms are an easy way to add these green touches to either indoor or outdoor spaces.  

When it comes to furnishing your Coastal Plantation home, oversized comfy couches against canes spring to mind—incorporating the use of natural materials like rattan, bamboo and seagrass style graciously against the crisp whites.  

And, they aren't afraid of patterns! What is simple in furniture and design can be accentuated with the use of cool-toned botanical patterns.  

Already feel at home? Explore our collection of causal, comfortable and timeless Coastal Plantation home designs.  



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