An ever-changing feast of shapes, colours and materials, Contemporary homes may be ‘of the moment’, but rest assured they can still be timeless. That’s because the style’s roots are to be found in the pared-back, unadorned aesthetics and indoor/outdoor layouts championed by architects in the 1920s and ’30s.

Cleverly shunning the fads and fashions that come and go, Contemporary style highlights clean lines and open spaces, and is the perfect backdrop for the furniture designs, art, colours, textiles and accessories of today.

Contemporary design is 'of the moment' with carefully selected design elements that are simple yet stunning. Broad and ever-changing, it's left up to interpretation when it comes to incorporating the style into your home design. A contemporary space evokes a feeling of harmony with its simple sophistication. All elements are working in conjunction with each other, not competing.  

Contemporary home design is described as ever-changing. It is inspired by what's currently popular, forever evolving with key timeless elements.  

The basics of Contemporary Home Design 

When it comes to Contemporary, less is always more. It's led by simplicity and subtle sophistication. It's a design basic that can be further styled upon, such as with Minimalism, Industrialism or Modernism style. It brings a sense of warmth to these often-cold designs, bringing a room together through luxurious simplicity.  

Contemporary style has lasted for decades, cleverly shunning the fads that don't fit with its sleek design to remain timeless. The interiors are fresh and clean, harnessing the power of space rather than objects.  

Home Interiors for the Contemporary Design  

In Contemporary home design, the focus is on clean lines, colour, shapes and space rather than being cluttered with things and lots of details. To assist the openness of your Contemporary home, there must be plenty of natural light and light fittings to illuminate the indoor spaces.  

When it comes to colour, neutrals, blacks and whites are your go-to palette. Once this is your base, pops of colour can be added through accessories and furniture to contrast against the grounding neutrals.  

Strong visible lines should be a feature of any Contemporary home, whether it's through high ceilings, sculptural pieces, curved walls or bare windows. These visible lines provide contrast and a simple way of making a Contemporary statement.  

Various building materials are welcome—timber, tiles, cladding, zinc, copper or vinyl. Flooring tends to stray away from carpet unless it is commercial grade. Leave the warmth and texture to geometric rugs or simple rugs. 

Roofs are typically pitched with big and bold front facades adding to the appeal.   

Contemporary Design Details  

The sleek lines you've created in your Contemporary design home should be highlighted by what design details you choose.  

The kitchen is the heart of any home, especially when it's Contemporary. It is the chance to utilise the latest home technology and ensure the space is functional and effortless.  

Think of Contemporary style as a blank canvas that's ready and waiting for your artistic masterpiece. Furniture pieces are the chance to be bold and make a statement and make the style truly your own. Think geometric shapes, even more clean lines. Natural fibres are a great touch in linen, wool or silk against rich timber or metals. It's these key pieces that will be the conversation starters in your home amongst your curated neutrals.  

Although it might be ever-changing, our take on the popular design is individual and ageless. Discover our home designs here or get in touch with us and our skilled team can customise a design to suit you.   



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