A little bit French Rococo, with a touch of the Orient and a hint of Gothic whimsy, the designs of the Georgian era are known for their handsome symmetry and regularity of detail.

At home in well-established suburbs close to the city, today’s Georgian-style homes deliver a sense of substance and understated grandeur while steering away from the exacting red brickwork traditionally associated with the look. The colour palette today is much softer and the overall presentation is gentler and far more approachable.

Get Swept Off Your Feet by Georgian Home Design 

We can't help but feel a sense of whimsy when curating a Georgian Home Design. It's a bit French Rococo with samples of the Orient and a taste of Gothic. And it is oh so romantic. Picturesque Georgian Homes are adored around Australia today, and our take on the classic look will have you feeling like Keira Knightley in Pride and the Prejudice. Which is the ultimate goal right? Georgian style homes are renowned for their classical detail, oozing prestige and opulence. With the refined glamour and attention to detail, any Georgian Home will be the envy of the street.  

Origins of the Georgian Aesthetic  

Under the reign of the four King Georges between 1714 to 1830, British architects were inspired by the symmetry and balance of the Renaissance period. At the time, London was one of the richest cities in the world and fancy homes usually reserved for aristocrats were becoming far more accessible.  Australia was colonised on the tail end of the Georgian era and this is why we see so many Georgian inspired buildings around our cities today.  

The Glamourous Georgian Style 

Georgian home design is characterised by its repetitive detailing and symmetry around distinctive entrances. The front façade often feature columns and triangular-shaped pediments against a typically flat, redbrick exterior with contrasting cream-coloured accents. Today the classic double-hung windows can be swapped for modern alternatives with glazing bars and still uphold the aesthetic. Usually always multi-storied, Georgian homes exude stateliness and splendour, reflecting the grand style of English manor houses. Grand entryways and manicured gardens are the final steps to complete the look. 

What is Georgian Interior Design? 

The symmetry isn't left at the front door. Georgian interior design utilises regularity of detail in the interior by panelling, windowsills, cabinetry and profiled cornices. Interiors are elegant, refined and sophisticated. Rooms should feel grand, airy and uncluttered. Repetition of detail is imperative in mouldings and wall panelling in squares and rectangles, often complemented by wallpapers in understated stripes or in the quintessential Toile de Jouy prints.  

All in the details 

True to the Georgian style, furniture is grouped to remind us of the luxurious parlours bygone. Furniture plays with heavy proportions and elaborately carved legs, often ending in the distinctive 'ball and claw' shape. The luxury is felt in soft fabrics, such as satins and velvets, but be careful mixing patterns. Cluttered is not a feature in the Georgian design. Colour palettes can nod to tradition by incorporating navy, emerald greens, burgundy and blue. Or keep it simply sophisticated with white-on-white. For an added hint of lux, choose your finishes in gold or brass.  

Overall, rooms should feel comfortable but refined, distinguished and sophisticated, the ultimate characteristics of Georgian home design. Falling head over heels for this romantic design? Check out Oswald Home's Georgian designs. If you loved the splendour of Georgian design, you will love our take on French Provincial or Urban Praire home design. Browse our design collection to find your perfect fit.  



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