Beautifully proportioned, well detailed, fresh, bright and breezy, a Hamptons home brings together traditional architecture and sophisticated coastal style. It speaks of nostalgia and tradition; of family and heritage.

Inspired by the luxury weekenders, holiday homes and beachfront estates found on the south shore of Long Island, New York’s ritzy summer playground, Hamptons-style homes slip easily into Perth’s coastal landscape. Deep verandas and wrap-around porches shade us from the summer sun, while contemporary low-maintenance cladding takes the place of traditional timber weatherboards.

The Home of The Hamptons 

What’s not to love about a style that teams elegant sophistication with beachside luxury? The Hamptons aesthetic is classy yet comfortable and aims to capture the serenity of a calm, beachside morning. Fresh, bright and breezy describes a traditional Hamptons home to a tee. A match made in heaven for WA’s coastal lifestyle and sunny weather. 

How did the Hamptons design come to be?

Inspired by the seaside village in Long Island (a famous holiday hotspot for NYC’s elite), the Hamptons look combines historic charm, exclusivity, seaside bliss and rural landscape.  

Traditional Hamptons homes were typically no-fuss abodes built for and by farmers and craftspeople who settled the area in the early 1600s. Built to last through the often-harsh coastal weather, using sturdy and readily available materials. It wasn’t until the early 20th century when NYC’s richest found their new beachside retreat, that the Hamptons received a facelift. Fast forward to today, and the Hamptons style home has stayed true to its country charm with touches of elegance and sophistication to create the style we all know and love at Oswald Homes.  

What's our twist on the much-loved style?  

The generous proportions and finer details are what makes our take on the Hamptons truly special. The Hamptons style demands meticulous attention to detail so that it remains timeless with an innate sense of balance and proportion. Exuding luxury with a nod to its holiday home aesthetic, it's classy but comfortable. Designed to be an extension of the owner reflecting the lifestyle they live. A bespoke forever home to enjoy life with loved ones.  

Contemporary cladding and shutters are a must with colour palettes of soft blues and greys accentuated with crisp whites. High ceilings with exposed beams or recessed sections and timber details in the skirting boards, windowsills and panelling. Like any holiday home, the outdoors should never feel far away. Indoor/outdoor are connected through large, light and airy spaces. With long wrap-around porches with deep verandas to shade from our intense heat, your Hamptons home will be so comfortable you will never want to leave.   

Natural materials are always a feature of any Hamptons home. The stunning beaches surrounding the Hamptons homes should feel present in its interiors. Light timber, beiges reflecting the sand and hints of the colour of the ocean. Furnishings are soft and always comfortable, with lots of linen, sheer and velvet. The Hamptons is known for its sophisticated art scene, dotted with museums and galleries all over the island. Subtle and sophisticated artwork is the finishing touch on your Hamptons interior design.

Hamptons Homes - Room By Room

In a Hampton's bedroom, the design will favour natural light, keeping the space as bright and fresh as possible. Opt for light and airy window furnishings to allow plenty of sunlight to stream through. A fresh and airy room where the breeze flows through flowing curtains? You're creating the optimal relaxation space for a good night's sleep. Hit the hay on soft and plush furnishings in neutrals, soft whites and light greys. Think upholstered headboards, end-of-bed benches, layered linens and cottons. Add soft pops of Hamptons colours in cushions, throws and art pieces. 

In a luxury home, a bathroom is more than a necessity. It's a design feature where you let careful and curated choices show that you have taste. What do we first think of when it comes to Hamptons bathroom design? Bathtub, a spacious and lux space to soak in. Windows should be strategically placed to let plenty of natural light pour through without the eyes of peeping Toms. White cabinetry is bright and timeless, but if it's not your idea of a unique vanity, navy, light blue or grey will also keep it classic Hamptons. 

In living spaces, timber flooring is most beachside-esk, along with plush rugs in neutrals and soft tones. Light beams through plantation shutters, with low hanging pendants and standing lamps to keep it cosy once the sun goes down. Furnishings in sandy whites, stone greys and pops of colour in lux blue. It should feel cosy yet elegant. Think patterned cushions, plush ottomans, oversized armchairs and comforting throws. If you are finding the Hamptons style a bit too soft for your taste, you can edge it up with accents in black and dark blues and navy to anchor the space. 

A Hamptons style kitchen warms the heart, as well as the stomach. It's comforting and functional, refined yet elegant. All these elements come together to yield the perfect space to gather as a family and entertain friends. Kitchen countertops in marble align with the style's natural material focus, with blues, navy, or greys as accenting colours. Opt for a satin finish over a high gloss for a high-end but understated feel. If you have space, include a centre island. In most Hamptons style kitchens, a centre island is used for entertaining and increases the workspace and storage opportunities. Painted in blue or black, it will be an eye-catching addition to the kitchen space. Lit by statement hanging pendants, your home will rival those of Hamptons residents. 


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