Mixing the raw appeal of the recycled, the repurposed and the original, Industrial home designs boast an enhanced sense of volume and space, with expansive open-plan layouts that are totally in tune with our love of entertaining and casual living.

Featuring exposed structural elements, strong vertical lines and impressive volumes, an Industrial-style home is hip, cool and stylish, with a touch of grit, a hint of heritage and a liberal dose of the individual.

Industrial Inspiration

Have you fallen in love with the loft homes of NYC's artistic elite? We have to. "Warehouse chic" is how we describe our Industrial Home Design. It's hip, cool and stylish, with a touch of grit, a nod to heritage, all whilst remaining incredibly individual. Our industrial-inspired homes are the perfect backdrop to showcase what makes your home quirky and unique. 

The Industrial Impact 

A design born from necessity, the Industrial Home design came about from converting warehouses and factories and other industrial buildings into liveable spaces. The design sprung into popularity in the 2000s, with a huge demand for living spaces in high-density urban cities. The result? Industrial chic we know and love today. Who knew exposed materials could look so fab? 

Industrial Impression - What does it look like? 

It's hard to miss the huge expansiveness of warehouse and industrial spaces and the feeling it envokes. It makes you feel a small part of the bigger picture. A design born from repurposing the old, it's now the brief for Perth homes built from scratch.  

It's a design with something for everyone. Whether you prefer more masculine or feminine interior influences, organic or engineered look, Industrial is open for interpretation. It's elegant, unassuming and quietly confident.  

Industrial Interiors 

Space is everything! When do you ever vision a small warehouse? We accomplish this through soaring ceilings, mezzanine floors and open-tread staircases. Light can stream through the double-height windows, huge doorways and skylights to bring the outdoors in. The front door is often to the side, reminiscent of the entrances for tradesmen. The vast volume of the space is accentuated by strong horizontal lines and free-flowing living, with furniture acting as the diver between spaces. 

You would think a converted warehouse or loft would feel vast and cold, but it's all in the interior design to create a welcoming and warm vibe. Let raw materials shine here, like exposed brick, steel, timber, leather, concrete and metal pipework. This is a chance to put your salvaged vintage pieces on display! Look out for original advertising signs, factory pendant lights and don't be afraid of aged pieces with a hint of rust, it adds to the Industrial chic. Embrace the unfinishedness of it all! 

Details are in metallic finishes, recycled timber and repurposed textiles. White walls will highlight light and space, with accents in black, metallic grey, rich timber and the reds, browns and oranges of aged brick. Your high ceilings give you plenty of space to work with, vertical gardens and original art pieces to give you a gallery-style space in your own home.  

Some might say unfinished, but we think Industrial Chic is the ultimate design for unique individuals. It gives you a strong backdrop to make an impact with your space. Want our advice for your own Industrial impact? Get in contact with us, and we can meet your design needs for the Industrial Chic home you're after. 



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