Envision the perfect island getaway and you’ll immerse yourself in the Resort style. Imagine sitting by a private pool in a tropical destination, drink in hand, with the lush palm leaves blowing in the soft breeze.

Featuring impressive volumes, expansive sections of glass, effortless indoor/outdoor living and a pared-back interior, a Resort-style home combines the true relaxation and sophistication that we seek in our day-to-day lives.

Design your Dream Sanctuary

As the name suggests, Resort Style Home Design is exactly that, the five-star luxury of a resort instead; it's your home. It already sounds too good to be true, but let's look into our design further. We blend the sleek, uncluttered lines and polished interiors of a Contemporary Home with the barefoot luxury and niche traditional touches of a Coastal Plantation design. It's summed up in two words, sanctuary and well-being. We have tried to capture that poolside, mimosa in hand, waves crashing on the shore experience. Because who doesn't want to experience that holiday indulgence 24/7? 

So what is Resort Style? 

Like many West Australians, we draw inspiration heavily from our long and luscious coastline. However, unlike our Coastal Plantation or Hamptons design, a Resort Style Home draws inspiration from our favourite getaways, stays in villas and nights spent knocking back too many cocktails. It can be more fun than other coastal looks. It's zesty and luxe, with emphasis on huge open spaces to achieve that truly indulgent feeling.  

Why do we love it?  

The Resort Style allows you to pick and choose your favourite elements from holiday destinations around the world and implement them in your home. Miss the seclusion from your stay in Bora Bora? Loved the water features from your Balinese villa? You have the ability to design your home as a sanctuary of your dreams.  

Features of Resort Style Home 

Light, space and volume are the three focal points of the resort design to achieve five-star relaxation. This focuses on impressive volumes and a pared-back interior that lets the structural features shine  - long expanses of glass, high ceilings and ease of flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Pavilion-style homes have laid the foundations to build a Resort Style of off. The Pavilion design is simple box-like volumes with consideration of the surrounding environment, along with open-plan interiors for modern living and an informal lifestyle. When it comes to Resort Interior design, we want that uninterrupted sight between spaces. Pared-down simplicity to let your luxe elements make the impression.  

Resort Design Details  

Resort Style embraces warm timbers, stones and fresh whites. Timber is your baseline, think rattans and even grey timber finishes. Adding stone incorporates the natural elements, bringing the outdoors in. Resort palettes will always have crisp whites, it's clean, sophisticated and fresh, the cornerstones of any luxury resort. Think white shutters, sheers, benchtops and cabinetry.  

We strive to capture the five-star luxury into our Resort Style homes, the only thing missing is the room service! If living in luxury sounds like your cup of tea, get in contact with our team, and we can get you poolside sooner rather than later.  



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