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With its dramatic horizontal lines, deep roof overhangs, expansive free-flowing spaces, earthy materials and ribbons of glazing, an Urban Prairie design owes much to the famed architect and Prairie School founder Frank Lloyd Wright.

Grounded, confident, unpretentious and enduring, these urban-style homes are perfect for tree-lined boulevards in leafy suburbs close to the city, where parks and open spaces abound, and homes can settle comfortably into their environment.

Confident in design and grounded by its surroundings, the unpretentious Urban Prairie design sits perfectly amongst our WA suburbs. Have you heard of Traditional Prairie Home design? It might be a bit of a mouthful, but the design is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It is traditional reinterpreted with "less is more”. To paint the picture, a Prairie home design should reflect the landscape and pay homage to its natural environment. You don't need to look far for inspiration; it's often right under your nose.  

Traditional Prairie Home Design: What is it? 

Iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright founded Prairie School Design and dramatically changed the design of traditional luxury homes. Rather than conforming with the heavily detailed, "old European" design aesthetic of the late 1800s, Wright looked to the home designs of the mid-west for inspiration.  

He desired simplicity and expert craftsmanship over unnecessary lavish details. An eye for detail and excellent taste above all else. He pioneered the belief that buildings should be a "product of its place, purpose and time." Rather than looking back for inspiration, he pushed earthy, free-flowing designs to create the 'organic architecture' we know and love today.  

Our take on Urban Prairie Home Design 

The Urban Prairie design focuses on high-quality design and materials. How would we describe it? Grounded, confident and enduring, it fits perfectly into new suburbs or established streets.  

Deep roof overhangs, with extended eaves and cantilevered sections give a sense of strong, open structure as a base to add further structural design elements. Often a central chimney will feature in the Urban Prairie house design, and walls can be angled, further enduring its inhabitants into its charm.  

There may be fewer windows in this design, but they are bigger to ensure there is enough natural light onto the open plan living. The open plan living in Urban Prairie design is accentuated by high ceilings, with spaces connecting effortlessly from one to another.  

This flow between space should also be evident between indoor and outdoor, with well-kept and manicured gardens a feature of your home. Want to add that sense of grandeur? Think a statement porch or large iron gate to make an impact. 

Urban Prairie home design emphasises horizontal elements of the home through contrasting colours. Urbanised with dark, contemporary roof tiles and a modern render.  

Quintessential Details of Urban Prairie Interior Design  

Further adding to the flow between spaces, the materials used on the outside of the home should be reflected indoors. This is a chance to let the Urban aesthetic shine, with the use of materials like leather, timber, stone and glass to add an edge. Furniture should reflect the "less is more" aesthetic, following the neutral palette in simple, geometric shapes.  

The use of natural materials compliments against a neutral palette, plenty of blacks, whites, greys and cool colours are the perfect base.  

How to add elegant touches? Deep enveloping rugs, comforting throws and plush cushions in rich colours and textures. Details of warm browns, soft golds and whites are the finishing touches you need.   

Can you see yourself nestled amongst your own Urban Prairie home? Explore our collection of designs here.  



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