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Resort Style Interiors

Are you missing being able to jet off with not a care in the world and a cocktail waiting on the other end for you? We do too. Whilst it may be a while before we can travel carefree again, there’s no better excuse for your resort style home to embody the holiday vibe than this. 

With a few spruces to your home’s interior, you can get yourself that 5-star, pool-side atmosphere. Turn that itchy feet feeling into a holiday state of mind to bring the island resort style across the ocean and into your humble abode. It might end up cheaper than a 5-star trip across the pond for your whole family anyway, plus you can enjoy it all year round. 

Outdoors In 

Resort life is all about the flow between appreciating the outdoors to moving inside to relax even further. On holiday, your surroundings are so spectacular you want to experience them indoors as well.  Designers are encapsulating the interior resort-style embrace the clean lines and open spaces. Check out our take on resort-style expansiveness in our Santi Thani home. They prioritise this flow between indoors and outdoors through high ceilings, extra-tall stacker doors to accentuate light, space and volume. It’s expansive, spacious and minimal to achieve the informal, barefoot luxury. 

Coastal Nod

What do we first think of when we hear resort? Not the painful hangover you had in the villa, but the seaside! The ocean or at least a pretty expansive swimming pool. Resort interior design style must nod to its coastal roots, but in a fresh way. It’s worlds apart from our Hamptons or Coastal Plantation style, swapping the stripes and nautical vibe for a zesty look instead. You can see nods of coastal in our Tanamera design with the use of sandy tones, glass and stone. 

Materials that Matter

Resort Style homes exploring all types of materials, luxurious linens, medium tone timbers and rattan furniture. Softly layering natural materials where possible is ideal, especially timber, stone and marble. The colour palette is sandy beiges, crisp whites and pale greens. Opt for bright whites or light greys for cabinetry with detailing in black. Add pops of zesty colour in yellows, greens and reds. Resort style should exude true relaxation and sophistication; see it for yourself in our The Resort design. 

Resort Style Interior Details

With a careful eye, a few chosen details polish off the resort look. Patterns are synonymous with the resort vibe, but you can take on a more subtle look than a bold print. Stripes (just not in white and blue) and geometric patterns against your pops of colour keep it fresh. Adopt this guide when choosing your throws, rugs and cushions for a cohesive look. No style guide on the resort look would be complete without the incorporation of plants! Every resort uses greenery in their accommodation, and your resort-style home is no different. Opt for tropical plants from your local nursery, like palms, birds of paradise and even some succulents. You can see our greenery of choice for the Langkawi design. 

Feel like you’re on permanent vacation in your refreshed resort interior. Take a peek at our Resort Style Homes for more inspiration.

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