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Oswald Homes understands design style and its ability to bring character and individuality to a luxury custom home. We also appreciate that while some styles share common themes, it takes an unerring eye for detail to capture their true essence.

Take a look at our Style Guides for an insight into some of the styles that are inspiring our clients’ home designs, and discover the key elements and subtleties that set these popular styles apart.

Hamptons Beautifully proportioned, well detailed, fresh, bright and breezy, a Hamptons home brings together traditional architecture and sophisticated coastal style. Read more »
Coastal Plantation - Oswald Homes - Luxury Home Builders Perth
Coastal Plantation Casual, comfortable and happily unpretentious, a Coastal Plantation design combines the grace of old Colonial plantation homes with the laidback allure of luxurious hideaways in Hawaii and the Caribbean. Read more »
Contemporary Designs - Oswald Homes - Luxury Home Builders Perth
Contemporary An ever-changing feast of shapes, colours and materials, Contemporary homes may be ‘of the moment’, but rest assured they can still be timeless. Read more »
Mid Century Modern - Oswald Homes - Luxury Home Builders Perth
Mid Century Modern Sweeping horizontal lines, elegant ‘floating’ roof shapes, expansive sections of glass, slim linear details and rendered sections in fresh white come together to create today’s response to the Mid-Century Modern classics. Read more »
French Provincial - Oswald Homes - Luxury Home Builders Perth
French Provincial Sometimes more informally referred to as ‘French Country’, this effortlessly graceful look has been translated over the years into homes large and small, from grand châteaux, to the more modest French farmhouse. Read more »
Georgian A little bit French Rococo, with a touch of the Orient and a hint of Gothic whimsy, the designs of the Georgian era are known for their handsome symmetry and regularity of detail. Read more »
Industrial Style - Oswald Homes - Luxury Home Builders Perth
Industrial Industrial home designs boast an enhanced sense of volume and space, with expansive open-plan layouts that are totally in tune with our love of entertaining and casual living. Read more »
Urban Prairie - Oswald Homes - Luxury Home Builders Perth
Urban Prairie With its dramatic horizontal lines, deep roof overhangs, expansive free-flowing spaces, earthy materials and ribbons of glazing, Urban Prairie design owes much to the famed architect and Prairie School founder Frank Lloyd Wright. Read more »
Resort Envision the perfect island getaway and you’ll immerse yourself in the Resort style. Imagine sitting by a private pool in a tropical destination, drink in hand, with the lush palm leaves blowing in the soft breeze. Read more »
More Styles - Oswald Homes - Luxury Home Builders Perth
More Styles Don’t worry if you haven’t found what you’re looking for on our styles list, we have the expertise to work with any style. Read more »


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