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Warehaus: Industrial style home - alfresco

5 tips to achieve ‘warehouse chic’

Whether you know it as Tribeca style, warehouse chic or vintage loft apartment, an Industrial home design offers something for everyone, says Oswald designer Michal Kurtis.

Playing with layers, blends and clever contrasts, this eclectic look can go from minimalist funky-cool, right through to the audacious pseudo-Victorian-meets-abandoned-factory Steampunk style.

“Industrial home designs can combine the organic and the engineered; the bold and the refined; the masculine and the feminine,” Michal says. “There really is something for everyone.”

What’s there to love about an industrial home design?

Here in Perth, the warehouse or Industrial look is a happy match for several different design styles.

“In a Contemporary-style home, for example, it can add character and individuality with touches of raw, unfinished and earthy materials, such as wood, brick and concrete, used side by side with polished stainless steel,” Michal says. “Think simple open spaces, maybe an exposed structural element or two and recycled objects to create a home with a sense of space, place and history. An Industrial home design is casually elegant, quietly confident, unassuming and very, very chic.”

Here are Michal’s top five tips if you’re keen to explore the world of industrial home design:

Design basics: An open floor plan is one of the hallmarks of this look, along with high ceilings and multi-purpose spaces, such as a kitchen, living area and dining space all blended into one. Exposed surfaces or raw materials will give your interiors that ‘repurposed’ edge.

Style subtleties: Coveted warehouse conversions may feel ‘raw’ and open-plan, but they still have an inherent sense of balance and proportion, with plenty of natural light and a floor plan that works. Working with a home builder that knows the subtleties of style and has an unerring eye for detail will ensure you get the result you’re looking for.

Bare essentials: Timber, stone or polished concrete floors work well. A strategically selected wall in brick or concrete can become a conversation piece. ‘Cold’ metals such as tin, steel, iron and aluminium will add just the right touch of sleekness. When it comes to colour, play up the raw, the recycled and the reclaimed with warm neutral tones. Room dividers will help separate spaces without detracting from the open-plan feel that typifies warehouse or industrial home designs.

Utilitarian: In Industrial-inspired spaces, it’s about selecting pieces that are as much about function as they are about style. And mix it up by contrasting high-gloss metal finishes, for example, with rustic or vintage cabinets, countertops and furniture. A wooden table paired with metal chairs is a great choice. Don’t be afraid to expose pipes and ducts to make a strong style statement.

Perfectly imperfect: Embrace the timeworn, the original and the salvaged. Hunt around for objects that look as if they could have come straight from an old warehouse or factory, such as oversized pendant lights and advertising signs. Don’t be afraid of objects with a hint of rust, and seek out metallic finishes such as copper. Recycled timber, open storage and repurposed textiles highlight the warehouse vibe, while huge pieces of original art will help accentuate gallery-style spaces in an industrial home design.

You’ll find more insights and inspiration in our Industrial style guide.

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